What is wrong with the police force?

Is there anyone that knows why police man are being so cruel to people these days? Its really ridiculous and makes me lose a lot of faith in the people who are supposed to protect us. I mean what are they teaching these guys in police school?


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  • actually it doesn't happen always but i've read many cases of police force being brutal towards blacks mostly :(

    • no
      this is not true.
      if you look up the actual statistics, people only die in altercations roughly 13% of the time when the police are justified to use deadly force. the people that are responsible for most of the black deaths in this country are black gangbangers. yes there are some bad police, but most of them are good cops that just want to do the right thing. please look into the statistics and not just what is sensationalized on the media.

    • @whatiscreative eh ok sure it doesn't mean all cops hate baacks... after all there r black cops... but i said already SOME of em...

    • yes and you also said mostly blacks... which was incorrect


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  • Lets not judge tens of millions of police officers all over the planet, based on the actions of a few hundred retarded American cops.

    People act like all police are assholes, When in reality, its not like that at all, they just have a job to do like anyone else, And like in any job, there will always be the one ''office asshole'' who takes shit too far.

    besides, its not like these cops dont get punished for their actions...

  • What can I say? PIGS are dirty animals!


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  • Well I don't know much about the US police but last year the average of fatalities cause by the police force per state is 545. Whilst in the UK there has been 55 between 1990 and 2014. Yes a states is bigger than the UK. For example CA is 1.76 bigger. Its still clear that the rate is lower in the UK.

  • I have no idea. Some are just bad people.