What is wrong with me?

There are so many things wrong with me and I don't even want to share them all because I know I'll get no advice, just critcism. There are just things that I like and enjoy and things that I can't control. I am fully aware that I'm not supposed to enjoy these things and have control over the other things but I just don't know how. Recently these problems have snowballed and made my life horrible. How do you make yourself normal. How do you prevent yourself from liking and/or ignoring things that you're not supposed to? I feel hopeless.


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  • If these things that you enjoy have a harmful end result (ultimately) then you need to seek help.
    For something to interfere with your life in such extreme measures as you stated then it is an addiction.
    If you are not abusing a substance and these things are just thoughts you cannot control then you have a disorder.
    Seek help so you can be evaluated and go from there.
    I wish you the best of luck !
    The first step to change is admitting that you have a problem.


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  • Look pal, where all different. The ONLY thing that is wrong with you, is your seing yourself through the eyes or other and how THEY feel like you should be. Fuck em, who are they too judge? They have as many insecurities as you do, they are in no position to judge. You shouldent conform to anyone, if you like somethin, you like it. Hell, just go on tumblr, i guarantee you will find others with similar taste, they might be small in number but they exist! Which means your not alone, make an effort to try and find them.

    And stop bullying yourself, everyone fucks up, everyone makes mistakes, everyone has dark fantasies or weird quirks or habbits, and a lot of people are fake just for conformists sake, you'll never be happy if your not yourself. You shouldent be looking for approval from others, only from yourself. Its ok to be you, you exist and are the way you are for a reason.


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  • you dont, it is just who you are, and you gotta learn to live with that, you can try to change yourself, but I dont know if that will make you truly happy. if it is really so horrible as you describe, try to not hurt other ones, or what can be a cause too, is that you brain is playing with you, uncontrolled release of hormones can simply cause weird emotions, actions. It would ofcourse be easier if you could be more specific. but I respect your choice to keep that for yourself


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  • I don't think anyone will be able to help you if you're talking about it so vaguely. Just say what's up. I'm not somebody who get shocked/offended easily, hence I don't criticize quickly. Is it something sexual? Is it something illegal? Is it something you just feel insecure about?