Do you feel like you belong in a different decade, which one, and why?

Me personally i love the flair of the 50's and 60's <3 . don't know why i just do. I would love to just experiance what it was to live in those decades, it seems so roantic, well anyeay thats what the movies make it look like. I always imagined my wife and i going back and doing a ballroom dance together in those old fashioned suits and dresses. Ah, the dream...

i also like the 90's


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  • yea... im kinda old fashioned, somewhat of an old soul

    not sure when i want to be but any time when men were respectable gentlemen and women were respectable ladies...*sigh


    • hmmm, i know exactly how you feel, you remind me of my wife a bit, gentleman are still around, they are hard to find... i felt like i was never going to find a lady until i met my wife and she encouraged the gentleman behavior out of me and its been such a journey for the 2 of us. I know what you go through as i did, the best advice i can offer is "just hold that thought in side you" and he will come. I'm also an old soul by the way :) <3 have faith ok :)

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    • THANKS !

    • You're welcome, i enjoyed reading your view :) Thanks :)


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  • i feel i would have been more comfortable in the 90's where grunge culture was a thing and no one gave a fuck

    • ah i see, i also love the 90's culture, i grew up in the 90's and it was awesome time

    • i was a few years to late to really enjoy the 90's also all the stuff we love today was just really taking off and it was all being done in such a great way

    • yeah i agree with you there, i feel the 90's had so much people to people contact before technology came along. I remember growing up and how all the guys would play on the streets, because no one really worked on computers... it was amazing times

  • Yeah too bad my rights were limited in the 50's and 60's :P

    I feel like I belong in the 90's decade.

    • Yeah i know womens rights were almost non existent, but i do enjoy the style of the 50's and 60's. cool, i also like the 90's... in fact i was watching sleepless in Seattle with my wife the other day, one of her favorite movies from the 90's

  • i feel like i belong in a different planet..

  • The 60s I guess

    • yeah, me too, i just love the style, it was so awesome

    • plus everyone was a gentleman/lady

    • absolutely, that part was so awesome, i just wish i could experience just for a moment, ah!, yip men and women had so much respect for each other (well some did)

  • Anyone else thinking about segregation, the KKK, and the civil rights movement? Heh. Leave it to me to ruin the fun. I don't know if I feel I belong to a different decade, but the 1690s sound interesting with me with the Salem witch trials and all.

    • wow, really the 1690's geez, thats way back, wow. Are you serious

    • I don't feel like I belong there, but if I could time travel to that decade, I would. Another interesting one to me is the Edwardian era (1900-1910). I liked the fashion and the tightlacing of corsets that disfigured the body.

    • Ah i see, i must say, unique times indeed. Me i would love to go back to the 50's and 60's and live the style and dance away with my partner in the ballrooms, haha. Interesting choices you have, if only a time machine existed :(

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  • Yeah, it sounds very nice. I think I'd belong in either the '60s or the '90s.

    The '60s had good music, cool cars, and it was before the world became kinda broken. But the '90s had good music too and some other neat cultural staples, and was just an all-around good time to be alive. I kinda got my wish, I got to be a kid in the 90s. Teens or 20s could have been nice too but I think the 90s was a good time to be a kid.

    • Yip, it does sound nice, anyway thats they way the movies paint the picture. Absolutely agree with that, i grew up in the 90's as well and boy did i love those times, families were big, stuff was done outdoors, people had better attitudes... ah it was a dream

    • yeah, exactly. we had outside, we had better playgrounds i'd say. and we had Goosebumps and Transformers and all kinds of superhero cartoons, and it just seemed like a really carefree time. for kids, at least.

    • Wow, goosebumps, oh yeah, now we talking. Man what i doing in these times, dammit. I used to enjoy after school where all the guys would get together on the streets and play games and sports and run around ringing people bells and irritating the girls <3. Ah man, i want to go back

  • I wished I lived my teen-early adulthood years all through late 60's - mid 70's. Those were the best times to be alive in terms of music, you would be experiencing all the greatest advances in production and music experimentation itself. Plus, sci-fi movies where huge by then and cinematography/special effects was taking a huge leap as well.

    I do agree to what you said @asker, those times where almost paranoid free socially, except for the Vietnamise conflict. Much, much safer times.

    • i totally agree with you there man, the music industry was rocking. It seemed like the anything was possible back then. i love it. Yip, paranoid free, you don't have a time machine lying around i could use?

  • I feel I belong in the wrong millennium.

    • Oh, damn, which millennium would you go back too then?

    • I wouldn't go back. I would go forward.
      A thousand years would probably be enough.

    • Ah i see, would be really awesome to get a glimpse of the tech stuff that would be around

  • Movies show the 50's and 60's of the wealthy. It was a pretty hard time for 90% of the population. Although i would like to live in that era as well just because that is my interest in clothing, music and culture.

    • Absolutely agree with you there man, although i would like to just experience some of the style they had back then, some parts were "dark", but just for the thrill i guess, thanks :)

  • 2060. I wanna be a cyborg, and drive a flying car