Which gender is more likely to cheat and have you ever cheated?

Based on your experiences, are men or women more likely to cheat? If you have any sources, please post them here.

For the poll, please state whether or not you have cheated. This will give us a survey based on GaG users.

(NOTE: I don't mean thinking or fantasising about someone else, only being physically intimate with another person.)

  • I have never cheated.
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  • I cheated once.
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  • I have cheated a few times.
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  • I have cheated several times.
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  • I have cheated dozens of times or more.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I think both men and women cheat equally we are all human just the same make mistakes and there's is a many dipshit guys as there are dump cheating bishes (excuse me french)

    My only gripe with women is that they never own to it , they always blame it on the dude"I cheated on you because of YOU and YOu did this or that"

    • That's true. Guys rarely seem to do that.
      If a guy is caught cheating, he'll usually beg for forgiveness rather than complain of being emotionally neglected or anything like that.

    • exactly womne dont own to it and make up exuses to blame the guy when they are the ones at fault


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What Girls Said 3

  • This is hard and i don't know if it is possible to know who is more likely to cheat lets just say that men are most likely to get caught than women. I have never cheated tho.

    • Why would men be more likely to get caught?

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    • Interesting that the first female poster mentioned that men have advantages while the first male poster mentioned the opposite.

    • just read his post, it's kinda like the same thing I'm saying, women need an explanation, men don't cos no ones going to judge them, but because a woman is most likely to be judged she'll give an excuse rather than own up.

  • probably equal, but women are probably sneaker. I an in an open relationship so we both have sex with others and do not hide it

    • No offence but is that really a relationship?

  • I'd say it's about equal. Men tend to think women cheat more and women tend to think men cheat more.


What Guys Said 4

  • I've cheated before and let me tell you it's great. It's not like the Tv where you get caught easily I have a million precautions like a second phone or bath and change clothes after so I dont smell of another chick. I cheat for variety of pussy. But I tend to cheat opputunistically Rather then planned. I've never been caught and I've only cheated once on my current girlfriend. The trick to cheating is if they get suspicious allow them to search your personal stuff like phone, facebook blah blah and then wait a month and bam your back to it. They can check your things because they dont know you have a second phone where you live and maybe aseparate fb account for chicks.. I'll settle down later but for now I want to have fun while nobody gets hurt because I dump my chick before she finds out it's a win win... I get to have a cake (gf) and eat it too (other girls)... That's my main reason why I cheat. Plus id say men cheat more carelessly whereas women are more planned and more sneaky either way staying in a relationship for too long gets you caught. Men still cheat more but women get away with a lot of emotional cheating surprisingly.

  • I think men cheat more some only think with their dicks.

  • Girls are about a million times more likely I think it's just woven into their DNA.

  • I have never cheated. I would say more men would cheat if given the opportunity but if a woman wants to, she can manage it much more easily.