Why is applying for scholarships so difficult?

It's not the essays I'm talking about. It's the fact that you start out on one website, and end up on twenty others. It all gets a bit confusing. I feel like there should be a way for this process to be a lot more simple. Has anyone else ever experienced this trouble? Any tips to keeping track of what you've applied for and all the websites you've joined? How can you tell when a website is actually worth the time?

Someone had suggested using spreadsheets but I doubt I'd do that unless there was absolutely no other way to keep track.


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  • It is free money... and a lot of it. If it were easy, everyone would go for it!


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  • Yeah, when I tried to use Fastweb and stuff like that, that would happen, which is why I gave up. I think I applied to maybe one scholarship and never got any word back on it.
    So I guess I'm not the best one to give advice.

    • I'm trying to stick with it!

  • I had much better success on the ones through my university and the ones that my professors in my department were aware of... Trying to search the web for them was a waste of time.


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