When you have a crush on someone and they don't like you back BUT they don't want to hurt your feelings?

How will they behave?


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  • Honesty is best. I'd tell the person that I'm flattered how they feel about me but I'm sorry I don't feel the same


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  • Ah yes. I had this happen in high school. Dude was nice, but avoided situations with me, so as to not give me the wrong impression. It did backfire on him at one point though. He wanted to be asked to escort this one girl for a homecoming at one point. I really wanted him, but he turned me down. Then he ended up being the only starter on the team to not escort anyone since the girl he wanted asked another guy. I ended up having my BFF who was the towel/water guy escort me. Must have sucked to be the only non JV guy not up there:)

    • lol this is a great story! :)

    • A part of me think he deserved it. Especially since while I did like him, it wouldn't have meant anything at all.

    • I should probably add that it was the girls first year there and so she asked her bff's little brother who was a freshman, and we were all seniors lol. He did try to ask me if I was still interested a few days later. I told him I wasn't a back up, and I refused to make people I cared about one, so he was SOL


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  • I would think they would behave in a mature and civil manner.

  • Nice but distant.


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