How does American College work, with like majors instead of bachelor degrees? Do you get accepted into the school or course? or both?

Massive Freshman question, but in Aus/NZ/UK its a lot more differently set out I think - well it sounds as if it is.


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  • In the US you declare a major and then you take courses to fulfill your graduation requirements. So liiiike when I majored in Econ I needed my general education prerequisites and then I had to take x many credits of course focused work including classes a-k and y many credits had to be upper division. Once I met all the requirements I was eligible to graduate with my bachelors.

    You get accepted into your school and then certain majors have different requirements. Like if you wanted to be accepted into a language program your language skills had to be at a certain level and you would have to test in to prove you had those skills. There are also honors programs but I'm not really familiar with those.

    Does that help?


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  • You get accepted into the school then pick a major. They like you to declare the major sooner than later but you can go a year or so of generaly studies before they really pressure you to pick something final to do.