What can I do if a girl wants to kill herself?

I met this girl on Steam, i never met her before, but the Sunday night turned sour. Every time she thinks of killing herself, she gets happy. She doesn't speak to her mom at all, she does not speak to her dad, for many reasons. she does not have any friends, and she is really upset. And i like her a lot, because i see more than just sadness in her life. I know she can be better than this. And what i dont understand is, i am just like her. But i get on well with mommy (lol) i dont have many friends, i am the type who thinks about other people than myself, i think about mmmm who should i hug or who should i make there day awesome. thank you


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  • this kid on steam said she'd kill herself if i didn't give her my knife.
    told her to drink bleach, next day admits to being a scammer catfish lmao.
    can't trust everyone but help id say lol

    • CSGO Knife? Damn those silvers trying to blackmail.

    • thing is they were silver 3. now they spam me to carry them to mg1 even tho i dont play mm that much


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  • Well I would say bang her but she's on steam... So.. You basically have to talk with her and tell her it's not the way.. She'll find more pleasures in life down the road but just hang in there..

  • You can sit down. Have a talk with her and find what in making her that depressed. Then find a solution to it.

    • She is depressed because what she went through. And its like a picture in her mind, she will never forget about it, i am trying, but is it really worth fighting for something u really want?

    • It's hard to provide counsel to her without talking to her directly. This is the most likely counsel 1. Remind her that it's not her fault. 2 Tell her she is not alone in this. 3. If all else fails pray. That is the most I can give you. Based off what you told me.

  • Talk, talk and talk some more.