Has anyone tried Speech Jammer?

I don't get it. It makes other people almost unable to speak correctly and I wish I could play along with my friends but it doesn't even bother me. I talk just the same. Can you speak normally with Speech Jammer or does it make it difficult to speak?


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  • It probably doesn't work on every single person out there. What's not to get? You're maybe different from the norm. That is all.


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  • It makes it pretty difficult to speak, you'd be surprised. You can only overpower it for a couple of seconds before you start having problems again. The trick is to keep talking so that it works, though - most of my friends just sit around, expecting something to happen when they only say a couple of words at a time.
    The biggest issue is with words ending in -ly, e. x. "really". I tend to say it like "really-ly-ly-lylylyly..."

    • Yeah, my friends have problems with it. I've even tried rambling on and on and I get nothing lol. Maybe I can find something that people suggest you try to read while using Speech Jammer lol