What is the craziest thing you have done?

When I was a teen and my mom was sleeping I snuck a guy inside my room. Then I heard my mom get up I was so scared so I hid him under my bed. Lmao!!! I even fell asleep then woke up and told him to leave. He was still under my bed all afraid. I will never forget that day. He thought we were going to have sex and nothing happen. LOL!!


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  • GaG has helped me in many ways but also helped me realise how dull I am - I have nothing for this question

    • That's ok were not all crazy.. LOL!!
      But I have changed a lot it was my crazy teen years

  • Bodyboarded a 35 foot wave. And had sex in a museum ahh the teenage years... I do not miss them.

  • Bareback sex with a woman who wasn't on the pill. Multiple times. Never pulled out... Got lucky.

  • me and my friends got rejected from a club and there was a 8 ft wall that we could jump so we jumped the wall so lucky we were behind the bouncers they didn't notice i dont have a clue how we got away with it iv a few more storys if ya want to hear them

    • LOL!! You can write them all

    • another one is we won the league we went celebrating before getting into the pub the cup was smashed in two when we went in most of us were underage and there was a guy we knew who was a cop but he was drunk dancing on the table shouting WHO ARE WE and knew well we were underage we won a smaller cup that if you ever win a cup most pubs fill it with drink for free and the pub got a dj for us

    • im not really that crazy i just have crazy friends they would have top class stories like few them got kicked out of a hotel in Spain for partying too hard

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  • Oh too many to count, ha! Having sex on acid was a pretty crazy experience...

  • I read my mom all the things I sexted guys on MySpace.

    • OMG!!! 😂😂

    • Well it's not like it was my decision. I lost my sisters phone so I had to share mines. I was really the only one who was still using MySpace so I didn't feel the need to log out especially considering the fact that it's my phone.

      So instead of getting on Facebook like she normally did she decided hey let me check out my MySpace and this trick didn't log out of my account instead she decided to go through my pics, follows, and messages. Then she snitched to my mom. Couldn't have even blackmailed me went directly to tell.

      So yeah my mom humiliatedly made me read her every single message between me and the guys and it only got worse from there.

    • Now that is a crazy story. If my mom would have caught me with my so call boyfriend in my room. That she didn't know about. She would have KILLED me.