Anyone known anyone that's actually happy and more confident after plastic surgery?

So I'm unattractive. Not even an emotional thing anymore just logical. I take really good care of my body and workout stay in great shape but my face j can't do that. It's not because of genetics but because of misfortunes. My jaw wasn't aligned right do I have an overbite. I have a huge nose which is genetics but it was broken as a kid and has been deviated. I'm getting plastic surgery done in 1.5 yrd timeand I'm really excited and feel it's going ti change my life.

The corrective jaw surgery will make my fave symetrical and completley correct my overbite. The rhinoplasty is going to rid of my huge nose and make it symetrical also. Can't wait to just wake up look in the mirror and have a normal face be able to go out carefree just putting on anything. I really feel like it's going to be life changing.

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  • I did, and the results were life changing... I was attractive in a unique way before, but after surgery I experienced a level of attractiveness and attraction from the opposite sex like never before (basically went from a "cute" girl next door '7' to a smoking hot '10'... lol I may sound like I'm bragging but I only know this based on all of the unsolicited feedback and reactions I've gotten since the changes... including from women).

    And it wasn't that I did it because I wanted the attention, it was because I wanted to feel more confident about myself and stop stressing over the things I didn't like.

    It's soooo worth it if you know:
    #1 You're doing it FOR YOURSELF - not to make anyone else happy
    #2 You do extensive research to find the highest quality doctor in your area (you can get financing through something called Care Credit, which has extremely affordable pricing plans for whatever plastic surgery you want done
    #3 You have spent the time pinpointing exactly what it is that you want to change, and be reasonable about how it would match your other features

    You should be excited!! Congratulations on taking charge of your life and working toward the "you" that you want to be! :)

    • Yeah I'm really excited and I really think I will be close to a 10 when I dobot. I'm intelligent have a good degree. Plan to Mae a lot of money and I'm a bodybuilder and have an amazing physique.

      Feel like somw people really don't need it but if you saw my face you would say yeah just do it. These are the only two obvious flaws I have and if I fixed those everything would be really aesthetic.

      I'm 22 so by the time I finish this I really think I could start dating some quality women.

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  • Yes I have met someone who wanted to appear more happy and confident after surgery but I thought it was a very false confidence/happiness


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  • I've never had plastic surgery, but if its something you really want that will make you happy, go for it. I know a lot of people who are much more satisfied with their looks and just their lives in general after plastic surgery! Good luck!

  • I got a nose job three years ago and feel better
    But I also lost almost 60 pounds
    My looks changed drastically

  • I had breast reduction done and I'm so happy I did it. Big boobs were so painful for my back and jras hurt, they were saggy and ugly and I was embarassed to wear a swimsuit. Now my life is so much easier

  • I've never met anyone who's had plastic surgery

    • Solid contribution to this thread thank you.

    • You're welcome 😊

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  • My friend stephany got fake boobs, they are pretty awesome and she is like a totally new person I don't know if she is happier, but she seems more out going and horny lol

  • Strictly speaking I did not. But as part of my teeth treatment plan my jaw got re-aligned which gave me a slightly more manly looking face. I am also very happy with my facings as I now have a proper smile (I ground my teeth as a kid).