Guys, My Mac is screwing me over and giving me hell, anyone here know anything about computers and how to use Boot Camp?

I need to make my computer able to function with Windows so I can use animation software. Anyone have any ideas on how to do it without me losing all of my files? I know I need to back it up, and I'm usually really good with computers but this is beyond me


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  • I don't know Boot Camp.
    The obvious answers would be
    *-to use a Windows emulator on your Mac:
    If that doesn't suit you:
    *-to partition your HDD and to run both Win & Mac as double boot. Sorry, but that's all I can help: I have no idea how to make a Windows compatible partition on a Mac HDD ( it's not formatted to the same standard as a windows HDD. One is NFTS, the other FAT)
    Back up your files before doing it.
    (My son ruined a HDD , using the wrong format level: low vs high. Pay attention at that too thus)

    A 3d. solution would be switchable HDDs, one Mac, one Windows. I don't know if Mac accepts them.

    Sorry, I only manage 3 computers (self taught) and I'm only an occasional Mac user.


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  • You can get a new, very good Windows computer these days for under $300, sometimes substantially less.

    You may even be able to run that animation software on a new Windows 8 tablet with a bluetooth keyboard which would cost like $150 max and be a totally usable computer. Might even be preferable for animation with the ability to draw on the screen itself using a stylus.

    If money is extremely tight you could try installing Windows on your Mac but I've never known anyone in your situation who didn't just use two computers.

  • Sometimes you just need to face the pain and make the change!! Dump that Mac POS and get a PC. Mac has always been BS since they keep everything proprietary!!
    With a PC you can use Windows, or Linux and 95% of the world uses these two!!
    Apple might have some great ideas at times, and make major advances in tech, but they still keep everything internal, and that limits them!

  • Step 1: realise macs are shit
    Step 2: buy a PC
    Fixed your issue

  • Mac? Never used a Mac but in general, you can boot a windows 7 or 8 from a USB pendrive. If you don't want to lose your files, only one option.
    DUAL BOOT :)
    If it's a windows PC, can help but with a MAC, sorry... try googling it :)
    Good luck :)

  • There's a dual boot software that allows you to run windows on a MAC. I forget the name of it. It's sold in MAC stores.

  • I once messed with my MacBook doing something dual boot up and it later became a writing pad. Don't do these... You better get a Windows computer.