Do you live too much in the past or future?

I am reading a book called, The Power of Now, it literallly talks about living in the present. I have noticed that so many people talk about their past and idenity with it. Which, can ulimately mean that are still idnetifying with their problems. *Also, have noticed that is basically how people see themseleves as- their problems have become them- they have let the problems define them. But, i have also noticed how so many people are focused on the future. They say "oh Ill do this tomorrow, or I can't wait for this in 10 years, etc." I think everyone forgets the present aka the Now. The Now is the most important. Living in the Now is letting the body take control over the mind- which is incredibly important. Living in the Now removes the problems from the past.

Let me know what you think about all this :)


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  • I'm a man of another age lol.

  • I'd love to live in the here and now but my mind prefers to live in the negative past.

  • Mostly in the past, but I've been transitioning into the present. Been learning a lot lately.

  • PAST I would LOVE to live IN 80S and 90S people were without technology camping outside, drinking and having fun!!!

    Look now no one wants to go out, if they go out they are like ROBOTS on their cellphones looking down for NO REASON.

    :( I want to live in 90s my father a lot of times say how good times back then were how they camp at sea, how they get drunk :), how they go to disco and how they were almost 24/7 outside having fun with friends!


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