Is it normal to admire Hitler but be a person he would have despised?

i'm from Poland, but then whilst he was evil, i admire his intelligence and passsion. and his determination. is this wrong?


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  • It's very very very wrong. His philosophy killed 10s of millions of people, not only Jews. And it was a myth that he was intelligent. He was actually below normal intelligence and couldn't even pass his tests for university. He was a loser before he used his nationalism to gain popularity. Nothing about him should be admired.

    • i don't beleive academia represents intelligence.

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  • Hitler had a unique perspective, and the ability to succeed and the drive to do that, if you admire his drive, determination and ability to unify, then that's alright, but if you admire what he did, then that's a different story entirely.

    • hehe... i like this surge you get from this. sorry, i don't know you bud... you're a retard or otherwise don't get it.

    • ah sorry, i was very tired when i wrote this, i meant to say that no, liking him for his passion and intelligence is great, and i don't see anything wrong with that.

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  • I doubt his intelligence: his Russia campaign proves he was an idiot who hadn't ever heard about Napoleon's campaign.
    All his propaganda was done by Goebbels.
    His book Mein Kampf was rewritten by a Jesuit priest, Father Staempfle
    He was just a tool, a socket pup moved by German corporations like Siemens, IG Farben, Thyssen and others.

    What people admire in Hitler is the Holocaust. Polish people too: remember Kielce. It happened after Hitler's death.

  • No it's not. He obviously was a talented political leader who began as an unknown, poor civilian. I suggest you read his memoirs, the famous ''Mein Kampf''. He describes his experiences in the first World War and later the turmoil of the civil war in Germany and the poverty he suffered, working here and there for next to nothing. He was the only Chancellor of Germany without a bank account.
    Regarding his ideals described in the book, I didn't find any point to disagree with him.
    But as all great leaders he too made big mistakes during the war that led... we know where...

    • i'm not a nazi, so whatever...

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    • Dude, reading book doesn't make you a nazi.

    • go away asperger's.

  • Hitler's only real talent was manipulating people by exploiting their fears. I suppose that's what you mean by "intelligence". I don't consider this talent admirable because I see no way to use it for good deeds. What you call passion was nothing but insane hatred and the immature habit of talking himself into a rage. As for determination, you probably met dozens of people on the street today who are more determined than Hitler ever was. They might have finished school despite their parents telling them they'll never make it and classmates and teachers bullying them. They might have suffered from depression or an addiction, but fought their way back into life. That's determination. Those are the wars worth fighting.

  • Well i think you should admire those qualities
    But many others have exhibited those!
    Alexander the Great, Napoleon... etc

    Hitler committed war time atrocities, i suggest you admire men who exemplify these traits of intelligence, passion. and determination but aren't also evil, too modern, or antisemitic

    • i said i admire some traits of his. no human is absolutely bad. but OK, you're a stranger but never mastered social discourse.

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    • Well you lack basic manners :p

    • you've shown no manner to me, retard... perhaps be a man and say why i cannot have an opinion... but you have asperger's.

  • I mean it's no different from admiring the high school quarter back who gets to nail the prom queen and the hottest cheerleaders but who might be a douche guy.

    • "but who might be a douche guy."
      Hitler CERTAINLY was worse: he fucked his own niece, "Geli" Raubal (4 June 1908 – 18 September 1931) then shot her. His friend the nazi chief of police in Munich presented it as a suicide.

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    • ok...

      but then i like how you say people must have perfect/total knowledge of everything. and label people mentally ill if they not lolololol... sorry, the best laugh i've had this afternoon.

    • When did I say that?

  • Hitler was way overrated. I don't admire genocidal, ego maniacs...

    • lololol... i see you've escaped your spiritualist prism... well ok, it's nice that humans don't have perfect reasoning, eh?

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    • no. but it's self-evident to all here that you reckon i'm a "bad person" for having imperfect thinking here... if so, i apologise for being HUMAN. but i'm not an esoteric kind of person, so i don't care./

  • he wasn't that smart and there are better people to admire.

    • granted... but thank you for trying to say what i can or cannot comment on.

      and how it's soooooooo wrong to have imperfect thinking. lol... fool.

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    • Yeah I'm so odd for finding mass murder and genocide offensive. You're a complete idiot.

    • haha... you're the idiot here. i'm only amused since you're pushing some phantom "rule" of what I can or cannot post on or comment on... lol..