My exs dad just died, I don't know what to do?

My boyfriend of a year and 2 months just broke up less than a week ago, I couldn't handle everything that was going on so I decided we needed a break... his father has been sick for a couple of months and he just yesterday passed away... I don't know what to do

I did go over and we talked and hugged and I promised that I would be there for anything and everything that happens, that we might not have meant to be at this moment but I would be there for


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  • lAww sorry to hear that 😢😥.

    My dad died a few months ago, so your ex will be going through lots of different emotions right now

    Personally, i would put the past aside and find the courage to get in touch to tell him you are sorry to hear about his father passing away.

    You were with him for quite a while so the kindest thing to do , would be to put a hand of friendship out to him. Regardless of any past issues you both have.

    It would be sad to not respond to hearing about his father dying.


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  • Best thing is to let him know you are there for him if he needs to talk, assuming you feel you can do that. Don't be blackmailed into doing anything if you really feel you can't!

    I think most people will be behind you if you can!

  • Just let him know you are around - Let him take the lead.

  • Provide a comfort for him since you're only a week apart and the relationship string is still there. Just don't let him fuck you


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  • let him know you're there for him if he needs anybody to talk to or anythnig, maybe.
    be a good friend.

    • ^What she said. You two may have broken up but there's nothing against being a decent human being and friend.

  • Go to him
    Comfort him
    He has lost his dad
    Leave all ur differences aside
    For the love u had jus go for that

  • @your update, you did the right thing.