How should I express myself?

I am a man. I look like a man, I act like a man but I feel like something else. I feel like I should be beautiful not masculine though there is beauty in that. I feel like I am a woman but if I said so I would eventually lose all my friends because everyone would ridicule and judge. Because of this I cannot and will never express who I truly am because simply my genetics trump my emotions. I'm really not sure what else to say. Does anyone else feel these same genetic chains?


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  • Well now you are between that rock and a hard place, you deny being who you truly are due to ridicule and judgement... you value the perspective your friends have even though you know they are very closed minded and no one has the right to pass judgement on you... iI would just do it, the friends that remain are truly the friends to have fill your life and if they go you can always replace them with more understanding ones.

  • No, I do not.