What would happen if I jump from last point/ end point on the earth?

Will i then goto space after jumping,?
If yes, will i be able to see austronauts there?
And how will i return to earth?


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  • No because gravity is going to keep you on the ground and if you werent in a rocketship or something, you would burn in the earths atmosphere


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  • Yes.. you will go into the space at the speed of 47544 km/hr. You won't be able to see the astronauts as they'll be inside their space stations.. you can meet the aliens riding on meteoroids though. You can change your direction by jumping off asteroids and space debris. The satellites are solar power charged so use them to charge your phones and ipods. You can take the shuttle back home from the international space station (ISS) or you can go straight to mars and ask the martins to drop you home.


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  • If you mean jump from out of orbit then you won't be coming back