Has anyone ever visited Chernobyl?

I'm not the type of girl that might strike you as interested in this sort of thing. But nuclear disasters, especially Chernobyl's nuclear disaster fascinates me. I was looking online and their are extreme tours that take you there. I'd love to go an have been seriously considering booking a tour. I just wanted to know if anyone had ever been or was considering going.
Is it worth going to see?


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  • I'd love to go


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  • I haven't been there before but I would love to go! I've actually been to an abandoned island in Japan once and it was just awesome, a little spooky tho.
    There's a pretty good horror movie set in Chernobyl called the "Chernobyl diaries" - I think you might like that one if you're into horror movies and Chernobyl itself ;)

    • I have seen Chernobyl Diaries and it's a great movie, one of my favourites actually! 😄

    • It totally is! But it was so freaky at some parts omg kinda left me sleepless for the night 😁

    • Definitely! I heard there's an alternative ending though, I'd love to see it! 😦


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  • No, but if you go can you take me with you?

    I have the same fascination. I've read lots of books and watched a bunch of videos about it. I always had a morbid curiosity about nuclear disasters (and the Soviet Union) for some reason. I've been wanting to go too but I'm not really in a position to travel right now and the conflict going on Ukraine these past few years is concerning.

    Also, the tours seem kind of rushed and centre around generic touristy things. You're not free to wander about the zone. You get to go to Pripyat and the closest you get to the plant is the parking lot. Interesting places like the automobile graveyard, the Duga-3 radar and the plant itself are off-limits (unless you have connections, I guess). Still would be a cool thing to do, though. It's on my bucket list.

    For now though, I've been watching bionerd23's Youtube channel.

    She's apparently a student and a researcher and goes to the zone every year, she even got a tour of the plant which is apparently very hard to get into:

    She seems like a really interesting person. It would be cool to meet her.

  • No, but I want to...
    Would be awesome! I just wanna get out of England for a while and go places.

  • But isn't the place still has high radiation? How can anyone visit the place.

    • That's true the radiation in the town of Pipryat is still pretty high. As long as you aren't there for a prolonged period of time it poses no risks. I think the tour lasts two hours or something.

  • You want to go with a group who has radiation experts with the tour. It is still a dangerous site to visit. There isn't really much to see other than a ghost town. Here is a link to an article about the accident itself: nautil.us/.../chernobyls-hot-mess-the-elephants-foot-is-still-lethal

    and a pic from the site



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