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My father and my step mom recently separated (been together for 5 years) and 2 years ago she got a dog. (Mini yorkie) and when they separated she took the dog and now when I think about coco (the dog) I cry and shake uncontrollably. I think it's cause she helped me with my anxiety and made me feel safe and comfortable knowing that I'd always have something that loved me how she did and now she's gone and I can't stop thinking about her I don't know what to do. ): I even started to sob typing this.


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  • This made me sad 😔 you can't just replace it.

    • I know that's what I was thinking about but I feel like there's another dog that can act the same way and I just miss her so much 😢

    • I don't really have any advice for uou, but I feel your pain


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  • Call your stepmom and ask to visit.

  • Well the easiest thing is going to be to get it back... but i wouldn't sooner its better to deal with those feelings now rather later when you are even more attached to it.

  • You can ask her to give it back

    • It was hers in the first place is just me and the dog had a stronger relationship

    • Oh, you can get a new dog your relationship will be even stronger, i remember when my dad took away my dog i got really sad but then i moved on

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