Things to do in Amsterdam?

I'm going to Amsterdam for four days on Friday with two friends. We're going to a music festival on the 26th but for the other days we're looking for ideas and other things we could do.

Any ideas out there? :P


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  • Wait. The 26th? Not the 25th? Amsterdam live on stage? I'm going to that too lol.
    Other than that. Lots of things to do in Amsterdam. Depending on what you like to do. You can go shopping, visit musea, Anne Frank's house, take a boat or bike tour (my sister is bike tour guide in Amsterdam, I can send you a link if you want). You should look online what to do. I usually go to Amsterdam to shop or something, but never visit touristic things.

    • We're going to the Liquicity festival on the 26th. It's a YouTube Channel for Liquid Drum and Bass :P And yeah send me a link by all means :P

      You can set the website settings in English.
      Unfortunate, it would be nice to meet an another gager lol. You can always look up Amsterdam Live on Stage. There are still tickets available.

    • Sounds good, thank you! :P

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  • The Van Gogh museum is a must.

  • Art museums and bike rides

  • I've never been there before, and I live close to it... You tell me xD

  • No help here but i hope you have a great time! I'd love to visit someday!


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