A guy in my college class came up to me and said, " Hey stranger" ?

I do not know this guy and he keeps coming up to me. I never met this guy in my life to call me a stranger. Ok I left class early a few times but I still dont know him. Like I was leaving early, and he asked me where im going and I said I was leaving. He sucked his teeth, got an attitude, and told me to sit down. Whats up with him? Than when I get up and ask a teacher a question in the front, he stop what he was doing to watch me and when I walk back, he's staring at me with a serious face and a little grin. I dont know this guy, Maybe I look familiar, what do you think?


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  • he thinks he knows you.


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  • Easy. The dude is very attracted to you and is a complete creep about it. He probably is a very controlling person so he sees you leaving as disturbing his natural environment. Avoid this person at all costs.


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