Should I get the Xbox One or the Wii U?

I already own a PS4 console so now I'm having difficulty choosing between Xbox One and Wii U. All of my cousins have Xbox Ones while a very few own PS4 and none own Wii Us.

The Xbox One has Halo 5, Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 3 as exclusives, just recently added backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 game (not a complete one yet) and lets you save your digitial games onto an external USB memory of any sort.

The Wii U on the other hand, is a tad cheaper, has many of the same fantastic exclusives that has existed for a very long time (I'm a die hard Legend of Zelda fan), has had complete backwards compatility for the original Wii games since it's release, the online multiplayer is still free and their touchpad controllers look very nice and unique.

It's a tough one because I'm really looking foward to Halo 5 coming in this October and the upcoming Legend of Zelda game on the Wii U coming in 2016(Though I have the feeling Nintendo might delay the game).

Should I get the Xbox One or the Wii U?

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  • There is no love for the Wii U. Even though I love Nintendo games more I wouldn't get the wii u. If anything I would save up money and wait until the next Nintendo console comes out. Which they are already working on it and will give more details about it next year. The project for it is called NX. Plus when it comes out hopefully this time they will have huge name games come out at the same time it does.


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  • Nintendo is already talking about working on a console to replace the Wii U. A lot of the games on the Xbox One are also already going to be on the PS4. I guess just decide which exclusives you want more. Honestly, the Xbox One doesn't really have a whole lot other than maybe three or four decent looking exclusives. I think the Wii U has a few more titles that look more promising even though it's looking like it will be replaced shortly as Nintendo moves towards something else.

    • Nintendo is actually very good at screwing people over like that, but it was one of their botched add on fiascoes that brought us the playstation in the first place.


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  • XBOX 1 for sure

  • Depends on entirely how much you love Zelda games, and if you are a Wii u person.

    Halo or Zelda lol

    Thats basically it.