I failed my first college class?

i study day and night for my math class so much my eye has been twitching and did all the extra credit i could do but its not going to help. My mom said i have to get a job soon because she is not going to pay for me to fail a class on the bright side i am doing well in my Englich class and she is not kicking me out so all the money i make can go to school. She told me that dental hygiene is a competetive to get into and an F won't look good. Everywere i looked people have either said they failed a college class and bounced back or that it was not a big deal.

My mom was a straight A student in college and graduated top of her class. While my sister who my mom always talks about how smart she is, barely passed a science class. She is saying that i am not going to get into dental hygiene school, my college career is over, and that i am not college material so much so she started suggesting other ways of being successful that dont include college. I dont know if anybody can answer this, but here goes, will i have to forfeit the scholarship i won?

I have learned valuable lessons and i won't let it happen again. But is my college career really over?

So good news I can retake the class i will make sure to get a good grade, and after the grades come out, there is a four week time period where I can have it replaced the better grade will show on my transcripts and the F will instead be an R and the F is erased from my GPA thanks for all the help! And the dental hygiene school will take me :)
So update:I told my mom failing a college class in college is common and I will not stop believing in myself. I am going back to school this fall I am enrolled in psych 101, English 101, and humanities however I will not be able to fit a math class in a schedule its a damn shame. I am working on getting my full license and a job and will be paying my way through college.


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  • As a professor, the first thing I want you to do is relax. Take a deep breath. Better? Good. Now that I have your attention, no, your career is not over. Just because you fail one class does not put an aspen stake in the heart of your degree. Whether or not you forfeit is dependent on the terms of the scholarship. The more important thing is that your career is far from over. This happens. I fail people all the time, for many reasons. It goes with the job. But if you have the drive and determination to succeed, you will. :)

    • *looks at profile, sees that you are computer science professor*
      *Has sudden flashbacks to last semester in my CS class and all the 3AM nights programming recursively*

      In any case, I agree with your opinion. One failed class does not ruin careers.

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    • Like I agree dont give up but also dont expect to do world changing scientific work.

    • @dudeman explain to me when people fail an art classits considered OK, some people just don't have the aptitude for those kinds of things. But when people fail a math class they are considered stupid and dumb. Explain that to me since you know so much about the world. By the way who is passing their English class with flying colors? This girl


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  • If you're studying this much for a class and you're still failing it, you must be studying very, very badly. You need to be doing a lot of exercises for math, and then not hesitate to go see your teacher or the teaching assistants with every question you have about them. Get a tutor if you need it, or ask someone in your class that seems to be doing well; this is college you have to take care of yourself or nobody will.

    Now failing a class will affect your gpa but it won't ruin your prospects, especially not for dental hygiene. I recommend you go see your advisor and see what he thinks about your scholarship, and about your trouble with the class.

  • I don't know about your scholarship but parents don't always know anything I failed a math class once my first year of college and now I am in a health program and finished with school. You just have to believe in yourself that's all that matters that's all I can say.

  • Retake the course and get an A. You won't gain extra credits but it can replace the F and raise your GPA. Future schools won't see what you got the first time around only the second. They'll just know that you did indeed repeat a class.

  • first off, your mom is not helping the situation. 2nd, @Streamhopper should get Most helpful, he's right.

    What math was it? Some people just have alot' of trouble with math.

    • I am taking summer classes so everything is going twice as fast and its math 95

    • 5 unit class? Seriously, it'll be fine. Any math class in such a short time frame is rough. Don't freak out quite yet. Sucks your mom isn't being more supportive.

  • Failing a freshmen math class. Well sorry kid you're not smart. Maybe college isn't for you.

  • Look college is not easy. It is hard for a reason.
    Do not give up and just retake the class.


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  • You may have to forfeit the scholarship. I don't know the guidelines, you'd have to speak about the counselor about that but, in general, aid/scholarships is taken away after bad grades. I don't know if the first bad grade will do you in or not.

    Don't feel too discouraged! An F definitely is not pretty and will be frowned upon but if you can take it again and manage to get an A - that's majorly a good thing! Try not to get any D's or F's and only 1 or 2 C's (but not in the math class lol) and I think you'll pretty much be guaranteed to get into a good dental hygiene school. I know how you feel. In Calculus II I did so horribly. I literally spent hours a week studying and doing homework, all to fail 2/4 of my tests ending the class with a low B. My last test counted for 45% of my grade so if I'd gotten anything lower than a C, my final grade would've been a D. I don't know how I passed but it is possible! Just keep studying and maybe since you've taken the class once before it'll be a bit easier to pick up the second time around. You can do it! Good luck!!

  • Can't you just retake the class and get the grade replaced?

    • maybe i don't know

    • In some schools you can re-take/replace the class, you'll have to talk to your counselor! If not, I'd still suggest taking the course over just so your transcripts will show you can handle it.

  • its not over yet.