Women are always right and men should listen to what they have to say?

Women are always right and men are always wrong, that's why you can't beat a woman in an argument, do you agree?


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  • Women are not always right, but I do think a lot of men need to acknowledge a lot of things concerning their own privilege, which they deny frequently. Women also don't have a collective voice that speaks for everyone on everything, and neither do men.

    • What kind of privilege?

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    • Rape culture leaves women more affected than men (outside of prison). Society usually emphasizes a woman’s preoccupation with not “asking for it” than it does blatantly teach men/boys not to rape. Don’t dress like that, don’t act like that, don’t get drunk in the wrong places, if you drink, watch your drink (rudies), don’t walk alone at night, etc. Men generally aren’t stressed about these things, and when they are, its not because they’re men. Women are usually thinking about the fact that they’re women before the fact that they’re just people, when it comes to safety and violence. Men are usually not socialized to see themselves as potential victims of rape or violence, simply because they’re men, unless they’re in prison. That isn’t to say men are never concerned with violence, but usually not because they’re men.

    • Buzzfeed actually has a video that introduces the idea of privilege pretty well, to those unfamiliar with it. Although, people are going to believe what they want to.


  • No, I don't agree. You can 'beat' women in an argument because being right isn't dependent on your gender, it's dependent on how strong you are at arguing and whether you're in the right or not.


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  • No. No. No. No. And no.

  • Yeah. As they say it, "happy wife, happy life"
    or as my uncle says it
    "serving your wife is serving your cuntry"

  • An argument is about discovery. If it's about winning it's a fight.