@Authors do your characters come alive in your head?

So I'm writing a story now, my question is when you write a story does it feel like you're seeing the world in your mind and the characters start actually talking to eachother creating a monoluge for you or when the characters are calling to you, you drop what you're doing to get to them (to write down what's happening) I've woken up a few times just because my characters were urging me giving me more to write I'd end up staying up the whole night to please them.

Is that weird? does anyone else experience this?


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  • I'd say I get so into my character's heads that sometimes once I finish a writing session, putting the pencil down and bringing my head up it's like being deep underwater and I'm coming up for a breath of air. That I was in their consciousness, and now I'm re-emerging in my own and it's quite the experience. I'd love to talk more about this with you.

    • I know what you mean about re-emerging I've felt like I was only sitting down for a few minutes then when I look over at the clock hours have passed.


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  • I tend to see the story in my head like a tv programme.

    • Yes! that's exactly how I see it also

  • I don't know about coming alive but some of them do become very dear to you, and as a result you end up caring a lot about their goals, feelings, ambitions, struggles, etc. even though they are not real.

  • Well i used to write but not now but I imagine myself the character


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