Going to the beach with weak eyesight , what to do?

so it's summer , time for beach and pool and stuff , but what about my weak vision? i don't wanna go to the water like a blind with a blurry vision , i have glasses and contacts , i'm scared to swim with my contacts in to not lose them , and can't swim with glasses ofcourse , is there anyway i can swim? or maybe with contacts or something


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  • Can you not get goggles with a prescription? No solution is ideal. You're going to have to compromise in some form.

    • like i get normal goggles then put prescription glass in them?

  • I usually wear tinted prescription sunglasses when going for a swim, it's not the best solution but swimming with contacts on is the worst thing you can do to your eyes...

    • but you have to take them off when you go to water and swim with blurry vision

    • well I don't take them off, and they are quite tight so I usually don't lose them when going under water