Is it wrong to fantasize about murdering people you hate?

I've been screwed over big time in the past and I've never got to have my revenge (trying not to sound like a super-villain here), and that frustrates me. I don't want to forgive the wrong-doers, I don't believe in that shit. I just want to kill them, except I don't actually.. I think. I fantasize about beating the life out of them or choking them to death but I'm not sure if I'd actually carry out these thoughts. When I fantasize I get a few seconds of the satisfaction I deserve from getting my revenge and that's enough for me but if I had the opportunity to do some serious damage then I probably would. I guess I've just let resentment and bitterness rot and spread inside me
is something wrong with me? Can you relate?

  • I fantasise about killing people too
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  • I have done that in the past but not now
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  • I have never done that
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  • Other
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  • That's actually pretty common in most people

  • Revenge isn't the way to go man. I see it this way - would it make you a better person than them if you hurt them too? How would other people see you? Hurting him/her won't make you any better than he/she is. Be the best you can be, live up to your own standards, and SHOW him/her you're better.

    • I see your point but I want these people to feel what I've felt