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So, this catfish is what they call it... I used to talk to him for months I had no idea what I was getting into, he wouldn't show who he is after he promised. He wouldn't reveal his voice on Skype... so that one day... I told him to move on and he was trying to get sympathy. I moved on and talked to this really sweet guy who would do the opposite, He would reveal himself by letting me get to know him. He seems like he is willing to talk forever, If I'm in a situation he would care and would want to help. (has asked me out but i kept him waiting for a long time than i should i think he forgot about the question)... Bottom line, we stayed up 3 am oovoo watching a movie. I went on kik to see if the dude left any unread messages turns out he was taken after everything he promised hit me. Just glad I did'nt feel feelings for him, He was doing the samething that my ex was doing. So, Ignored what i just saw forget the pain and move on... So, What was I doing a right thing? or no? Opinions?


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  • You did the right thing. He was trying to play you.


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  • The right thing. Left that person.

  • Where did you meet that catfish.
    On GAG?

    • On pixalated game. Apparently, my ex introduced him to me, they say they are step brother?(he's from london and we're from united states) I'm confused. I'm glad I'm over it and I'm not in the mess..

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