Do you think a lot of the anon 'situation questions' are girls wanting male opinions in order to mentally fulfill a fantasy?

So, there are a multitude of questions in which we men are asked to give our opinions on situations or accidents. Usually, they involve the female genitalia.

I think it's most likely a few girls who need male input to get off, fantasize about well... their fantasy.

What do you think?

Gentlemen, have you seen an influx of these 'what would you do' question?

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  • i believe female perverts do exist and there is some women who do that to fullfill their fantasy considering saw a woman trying to attack a man for not having sex with her apparently she used an online profile and he rejected her after meeting her in real life. The lengths some people would go to get laid. huh? by the way good comeback question.


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  • hell no... and if it happens those gals OBVIOUSLY belong to da minority. ;)

    they r askin those question in a serious manner i believe