Does this sound like he is doing this on purpose for me to talk?

Okay so there is this man and we stopped talking we was seeing Eachother. we had a argument about something and I said I never wanted to speak to him again. Thing is I do really like him. Anyway the whole 3 years I have known him he never changed his whatsapp picture soon as we stopped talking he put a new one up of him posing I blocked him on whatsapp but would still be able to see his post anyway so he changed to that couple days after and then put it back to his original. Then kept that for a while. Then I unblocked him and a day later he puts another new picture up. Could this be done on purpose to get my attention? I no it sounds silly what Im saying. But I want to no whether I should just talk to him?


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  • hmmmm not silly. i can get y u wonder... when u say he was "posin"? did he do any gesture like... raisin his middle finger? if that's so then obviously it'd have to do wid u!


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  • It's on purpose.