If you were advising a person who's moving to America how to blend in - what would you say?


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  • Be open and polite. Be positive. Follow our customs, and don't expect us to know yours. I was in the airport and there was nothing that annoyed me more than this little Asian woman telling me that I should go to this line, go to that line, and nobody was calling me. When the attendant is done assisting someone else, they will call me. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions if you need help. People are understanding, they won't judge you if you need directions or if you are unfamiliar with something. Sometimes it's the only way you can learn.

    • What are the customs I should follow?

    • Learn up on the rules of the road and the airport if you know you'll be traveling. Look up the secretary of state website for the state you're moving to and you'll find the laws if you don't know them. For the airport, look up the TSA customs if you've never been to an American airport. A lot of the behavioral customs you'll pick up while you're here. I don't know where you're coming from so I can't tell you how different it is, but stuff like tipping your waiter/waitress a proper amount while going out to eat and basic courtesy like that is always helpful when it comes to getting along. Try and make a friend or two when you first get here, probably neighbors, and that way you'll have someone to assist you right when you need it. It's not hard, and remember, BE POLITE 😊

    • Cool. =)

      Yep, no problem, politeness is in my nature. =)


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  • Dress casual, don't smoke, and talk to people.


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  • be super nice all the time because most American confuse reserved people as mean or rude in social situations because we're all very friendly with each other. strike up conversation with people you meet and smile at strangers if you make eye contact, when driving you always wave at people you drive past even if you don't know them, and if someone lets you pass them in driving wave and mouth "thank you". That's basically the most important things foreigners have trouble with when moving to America, and they accidentally come off as rude or mean because the customs are so different. Other than that there isn't many other things to worry about, we aren't uptight so if you act or do things a little bit different we most likely won't mind.