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My speedometer, temperature gauge, and gas gauge are not working as well as turning on my brights. Do you know why?

Also, my air conditioner is shot. The heating works but nothing else. Why is that?


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  • The "heating" comes from your engine. Think of it as a fan blowing over a hot surface. The air conditioner is powered by the movement of the engine through your belt system. This is why running your heat does not effect gas mileage because it's just using waste heat from your engine.

    Your other problems could be blown fuses. Check your fuse box.


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  • Well the A/C probably has a small leak and needs a recharge , as for the dash board, have you checked all your fuses? If those are all good you may need a new dashboard cluster

    • Does it matter that my battery is bad and this only happened (the gauges and light not working) after the last time that it drained?

    • Yeah it could have messed up the alternator, definitely need to replace the battery if it's bad like that. Some auto stores will even test some things on your car for free, ask to have them check with a scan tool and see

    • Actually now that I think about it you're bad battery if it doesn't have enough voltage it could cause all those problems certain relays won't work and the clutch is electric on your compressor for your AC

  • a/c needs to be recharged maybe or it could be your compression clutch.

    Did you test the battery? if it doesn't hold charge then it's your alternator. Go to an autoshop and ask them to charger your battery.

  • Air con, can be recharged at your local garage, there could be any number of reasons why the dash isn't working, brights could be a shot relay, check fuse and relay box.

  • Why don't you go to an auto mechanic forum? Or one in real life.

    • Firstly, because an auto mechanic forum wouldn't generally speak in laymans terms to someone who doesn't know anything besides the necessities of having to drive a car.

      Secondly, because I dont fucking want to and wanted to ask a question about it on here.

      Anymore dumbass questions feel free NOT to post.

    • I thought it was a great answer

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