Are you feeling lonely?

i think we have all been in a dark place at least once in our lives. Whether your suffering from severe depression or just a little lonely, this could be a good place to vent anonymously. I created this question so people can openly express themselves and if they choose they can also offer kind words or input for others. Please keep it healthy and respectful. It is easy to hate and hard to love but love is the only way change occurs so just be nice or dont say anything at all. At this time i am in an amazing place in my life but i have suffered from severe anxiety and depression before.


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  • I'm lonely in the sense that I live alone. I've thought about getting a pet, I've decided against it. I work too much.

    Am I lonely, sure. Am I unhappy, no. I'd say I'm good, life's not bad. I do wish that I had someone to share my life with, but I'm not willing to settle for someone who's not right for me.


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  • No.
    But can you tell me why are you feeling lonely? Most people feel lonel solely due to not having gf/bf. So i wonder if you are asking in that way.

  • Quite, but I must say that being lonely isn't always bad I suppose.


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