Why was I so pretty when I was young but not so pretty now? does anyone else esperience this?

when I was young, from when I was born up to about when I turned 11 or 12, I was pretty. People asked my mom or me if I was a model. People always stared at me, and they called me a stunner. But now, I'm not pretty anymore. I;m 15, and I don't look like how I did when I was younger. People don't callme pretty anymore. When they look at my pictures from years ago, they look shocked and ask if it was really me in those pictures.
I feel like people who were stunners when they were young turn out less pretty when they are older, but people who weren't as pretty when they were young grow up to become beautiful. Does anyone else think that? And if you are like me, what happened to you as you grew older?


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  • Its called an awkward phase, you will grow out of it by the time you are 20, y then you will be stunning again and you will have boobs too! lol


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  • it's called puberty. for most people the pendulum swings one way or the other

    for me the pattern was cute < ugly < okayish


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  • You're 15! The best is yet to come; believe me... 13-15 - those are the awkward years. Soon you will be a righteous goddess worshipped by boys everywhere.

    • thanks. You really boosted my self confidence :)

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  • Lol its just an awkward phase.
    I remember myself during puberty, I looked really ugly. Now I kind of grew out of it and I'm happy average :D