What else an English teacher can do except for teaching? (bilingual) ?

my mother tongue is turkish and i speak English, i study at ELT department. i wanna shape my future career.
So what else can i do?

those are what i found out ;
-Tourist guide
-Translator (tr-eng and eng-tr)
-English teaching



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  • If you've got a qualification in English, then these would be some good jobs:

    - Tourism
    - Translation
    - Journalism
    - Librarian
    - Writer
    - Editor
    - Marketing

    Basically if something has anything to do with linguistics and presentation, then you could probably use your English degree to get you a job in it. It's a really core degree that can be used for lots of different professions.

    • i live in turkey so they're not gonna let me get a job in a library just because i speak English.
      but how can i specialize in Journalism? How can i apply to a journalism? I mean when they ask me my qualification, if i say i just speak English, they would laught at me?

      and i like the marketting idea :) and maybe i can open a course and be a manager of myself :).

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    • Well, as long as you have an actual degree or qualification before you look for a job, you should be able to do it :)

    • what if i just research and im gonna be graduated in 1 year, which is totally true. i have 1 year to study and then start working. So i need to decide what to do.

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  • Interpreter

    • it's kinda tough job man.

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