What's the most tragic but brave thing that you've ever seen in your eyes in real life?

I've once saw a woman taking bullets for a her son (who's a fully grown man that looks like he can defend himself) at a shooting range with an out of control gun spraying out bullets all over the place. It's crazy because she's just an elderly woman (in her mid 50s to early 60s I think, judging by how she looks) when her son is a young but grown man who looks capable enough of looking after himself.


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  • I guess just someone standing up for their beliefs even though they were the only one


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  • I don't go out much, but I think one of the most heartbreaking things I saw was when I went to London for a day trip with my college class (We come from the other side of the country, three hour coach rides sure are 'fun') and we went to this outdoor cafe, we were sat there for a while until this old guy somewhat in his 80's came out gleeming with a lotto ticket, scratched it, then sat down physically crying. Me and my friends came over and bought him a drink, we sat aroud the middle of London for three hours talking to him, I will never forget that.

    • Gleaming was probably the wrong word, just imagine him coming out all happy biggest smile on his face.