What's a good hobby for me?

I tend to lack chaaracter and I think its prob cause I dont really have a hobby. I used to have a lot like draw, jewelry, and other stuff but I don't know what happened as I grew up. They just disappeared. I work out basically but its not like I have a project in fitness like a competition and Im focused on that. I work out as a life style so I guess its a hobby in a way. But I want to get myself into something cause all I've been doing after graduating college is looking for jobs. I did land a nice job which I have right now but I could be doing smething better and fulfilling. So I dont want to just look for jobs, all this free time I want to use to have a serious hobby. I don't know if I should get into fitness more like do marathons or competitions, or find something else. I'm a writer but I don't want to just write the whole day. I want to DO something. The thing is my sibling suddenly got into fitness as well and he does these competitions and I'm just afraid if I do it as well, it looks like I'm copying him and I def dont want that. I'm not a good drawer, I'm not a musician, I'm not I want to look original, inspiring, and overall be happy cause right now like I said, all I'm doing is spending my time looking for jobs and its annoying as heck. I dont have that many friends, theyre all in college back in that city or at their homes. The friends I do have here, well Im kind of upset with one, and the other works and does her own thing, another is a guy and Im tired of hanging out with guys cause I have a boyfriend so I feel like Im betraying him whenever I hang out w guys. So yeah what should I do?


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  • Let me ask you this: is there any trade in your family that has been passed through the generations?


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  • Get into guns/shooting.

    • I've been wanting to go to a shooting range, def on my bucket list but I don't think that would be a hobby for me, or I don't know who knows, my boyfriend is into guns so maybe in the future

  • my hobbies I listen To Drake I workout a little bit im addicted to hoes and i like crossfit and i do spartan races


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