IPhone users... have you ever?

It's probably sill if me to ask this on here BUT have you tried sending someone a iMessage and it didn't say delivered? I sent a iMessage but it didn't say delivered so I deleted the message... that means the person didn't receive it right?


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  • Yeah... if it's not saying delivered than chances are good it didn't go through


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  • I've had cases that it doesn't say delivered even though I know the other person also has an iphone. I didn't delete the message though, that just means that either the imessage didn't go through yet, or the person turned off 'read receipts'.

    Sometimes that happens to me when I'm out of a wifi zone, and my data is off, that the imessage won't be sent at all or it will go as a normal text instead. If the imessage is waiting to be delivered, the status will remain undelivered until you enter a network.


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  • like it didn't go through and had that red mark? that happens sometimes and i try to resend later when i have better reception.