What do you think about people that go out in pjs? Huge turn off?


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  • It depends, if they are going around the supermarket or something it is a turn off and looks lazy but if they live 4 houses from the Fish and Chip shop and have just walked there to get fish and chips then I think I wouldn't do it but I don't mind it. The time of the day also makes a different. If it is lunch time and say they walked to the fish and chip shop in their pjs then I would think you would think they would be dressed. Even if you stay at home you should get dressed. If it was at night time and the walked to the fish and chip shop I would consider it much more acceptable.

    • How would u know if they lived like four houses away. Wouldn't u just straight away judge them?

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    • Ah okay thanks for answering ! (:

    • No problem so it really depends on the time of day and where they are what I think. Not many people wear PJs out in public where I am from.

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  • I do it myself sometimes.

    • I'm with you on that xD haha I get a lot of stares typically and I hate that people will just mad dog me

    • Yeah lol. I really don't care though

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  • Yes huge turn off. It makes me feel they are too lazy to get dresses or don't have any shame to be seen in public in night clothes

  • Yeah... I think they just don't care about how they look... I usually assume they are unshowered because they can't even change their clothes I wouldn't put failure to maintain proper hygiene past them


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