Stereotypes you didn't think existed until this site, or are very against?

Personally, I've learned a lot about how the genders can feel very defeated and bitter towards one another. "There are no good girls/guys these days", "Theyre all the same", "Forever alone", "Not worth my time and effort". I just believe that the opposite sex should be approached on a more singular level instead of using stereotypes to mask any problems or weak points one has had in the past. It's okay to be open minded and friendly. Everyone is an individual, and you'll learn which ones are worth it. But some still get positively outraged or depressed over it.


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  • How do you know they're not lying? Or even if they are the gender that they say they are? I know of plenty of users who troll as the wrong gender.

    • Huh, that's not something I'd ever thought about happening on here.

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  • I think stereotypes are dumb.

    • I know. But some are more ridiculous than others, or are taken too far