Are there really people like this?

Lol Don't wanna sound like douche but reading all this "stuff" on here, are there really people who prefer "fat" over "skinny" Lol and I am not talking about "curvy" because curvy is when its actually making a curve in your bod or are these just sad wks trying to score? I mean we all are here to help, If you aren't being honest. Then wth lol

Just wanna know lol, no offense


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  • It seems that 'fat' is more acceptable these days or the majority of people here aren't blunt about fat people when it comes to the "how do I look" category on gag. For instance a skinny girl posts a "rate my body" most people won't be afraid to say "you're too skinny, gain some weight". When it comes to a fat girl people are more tolerant and they like to consider her as curvy. If one person tells a fat girl that she needs to lose a little** weight, he/she gets a bunch of down votes.
    I'm not trying to encourage fat shaming but it's okay to be honest about what you think about fat people. Just like how "you need to gain weight" is acceptable, "you need to gain weight" should be acceptable too.


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  • Let me explain to you what you just said so we can work on helping you understand why it wrong.

    You said " Are there really people here who find fat people more attractive than thing people or are they just so desperate to get with anyone that they'll have sex with someone I perceive as less human than someone else? LOL"

    That's you. That is what you sound like. Is that the type of person you want to be? Because no amount of working out will burn that off. You will always carry it and be weighed down by ideas like that.

    • Now let me explain to you just what you said

      "I am mad, bro" lol and believe me you don't wanna be like this for rest of your life neither. And No, I can hardly give a shit if they like fat, think or w. e people. Their desperate asses, their opinions, their whatever. I was trying to see if people really are honest here, I've asked like one more question like this in "other terms" here too about that and I am not weighed down by shit lol so if you can't really give opinion or answer that. Just don't bother

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    • Really sorry about that but you actually just triggered it yourself lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lmaooo. You are counting time now? Seems like this is your life? Lol lmao ever talked to some therapist about this?

  • Yes, there are people like that. Also, no offence, but I think that is non-of your business and sorry, but you did sound like a douche'. no offense.

    • That is cos I wanna know if people are really honest on here, And None taken. I can hardly give a shit lol

    • I'm sorry for being so snippy there. Well, I don't know why they would be lying. They gain none. Still, I am really sorry.

  • Yes. My ex boyfriend's best friend was a self-professed "chubby chaser".

    I am using quotations to highlight how stupid the statement is.

    As BellePepper said before you flagged her comments as offensive and blocked her, you may not find people who are overweight/heavy attractive but that does not mean you get to be a bag of dicks towards them. Your attitude shows you to be an ugly person - that will never go away, no matter how many "fat chicks" you bang out of desperation.

    • Lol actually I haven't but that's good idea and I can hardly give a shit what you think, Just because you are one of em doesn't make me ugly. It wasn't about this anyway but yea ok

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    • He was pretty straight-up in his question, I don't know why you're giving him a hard time. He simply asked if there were truly some guys out there that preferred big girls. Even if his attitude stinks (not saying it does) he's still "winning" in the eyes of a lot of dudes, that's just the plain truth. A hot chick is a hot chick.

    • @ManThatKnewTooMuch their frustrated McDonalds ass mad cos they never gonna get laid lol

  • Don't take what you see in the How Do I look section here seriously, it's not a good representation of the real world. What percentage of obese women would be rated 10s and get marriage proposals in the real world? I've realized a good portion of the members here have fetishes for Heavy set women. I would get a 0/10 if I asked that question there.

    • No there was something like take or something on here lol it bothers me because this is site where you expect honest answers and if people are just answering to look nice, There is not even point of this lol

  • Some people are honest and some people make stuff up. On here just like in real life. Some people prefer average weight and some people prefere anorexics and some people prefer huge - the variety of sexual preference and behavior is really amazing. Personally, I prefer healthy, which includes a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. I think I'm in the majority, but I know my preference isn't unanimous.

  • Some people say that to get scores but im sure plenty actually prefer that i guess it their preferences though so i never really care lol. I just think people should be healthy and if they way more or little its okay

    • Idc about if they are or not lol Just make me wonder if then is there really point for this site? Since we all looking for honest answers and yea they need to ban these nerdy virgins lol

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    • Buy stuff on amazon i think its like fifteen or twenty dollars but then their is freakin shipping

    • Lol what they gonna buy from 10 bucks? Haircut? And baha yea you'd prolly need to pay for that

  • You're right. (some of) the guys on here are jusy horny & desperate.


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  • I know several in real life who do.

    • Really? Lol sometimes stuff like this on here make me wonder if they answer questioms I ask honestly or just whatever that'd make them look nice lol

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    • Asker, no, I'm just calling them as I see them. I'm a road captain for my area's crime watch so I know who the meth heads in my area are, and I can spot the signs.

    • Dangg lol You pretty much know your job then baha

  • It's mostly Black men from what I've seen. They really do seem to prefer thick or even outright fat girls. See this all the time in California.

    But, White men? No. Hell no. There are White men with a "fat fetish", but they're VERY RARE. The absolute majority of White men don't even date thick girls.