What has been your worst customer service experience?

Mine is from the less common side of things... I'm embarressed by the way I treated a customer. This poor girl comes up to my cash register to pay for something and I was convinced that she didn't wait in the line, so I made her go to the back of the line. Turns out she did wait, and she just didn't say anything to correct me. That was my first retail job, years ago, but I still feel awful for that poor girl. She probably thought I had it out for her. Ugh, at least we learn from mistakes


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  • Mine was when I went to some fast food restaurant some years ago. There was a self-serve fountain drink machine so you could your soda or whatever. I went to get my drink but the soda machine was all screwed up.
    I hit the the nozzle to get soda and it sprayed somehow forward instead of down. Some got on me, some got on the floor naturally.

    Then an employee came over and started getting mad at me, thinking I was just some teenager trying to make a mess. He then started ranting on a bit at how I shouldn't make messes, refusing to listen to my words about what actually happened.

    What a jerk :/


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  • I am sure she realised you were mistaken, maybe this has shaped you to be a better person though so dont be so hard on yourself. We all do stupid stuff x


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  • oh... :(

    at least u realise it was wrong wot u did...

    anyway my worst was when i found a bug into my burger when i was 9-10... and my mom demanded from da cashier to change my meal wid a new one :|


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  • Yeah, mine have always been me feeling guilty. Bagging something wrong, or directing them to the wrong side of the store. If it's a mistake I made, I remember it and feel sorry. If it's them just being grumpy and dickish, I'm not bothered.