Friend only calls me on his way home from work, but never when he's home with his wife?

This is annoying, he recently got into a relationship with this girl who seems to me to be very insecure and clingy, cause when we do hang out she calls him like 5 times in a 3 or 4 hour period always wondering like are you going to be home soon. etc. Or calls to ask about something totally random. Now i've noticed he will generally only call me on his drive home from work, cause if I call back at a later time he doesn't answer. Now after about a year of dating her he marrys her and I never have been a fan of any of the girls he dates, but that's not my business and i've never expressed that to him. I know he probably wants to spend time with her after work, but why does he do this? She definitetly seems like one of those controlling type of girls from what i've noticed.


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  • Ever hear the saying happy wife happy life? Well I think that's what's happening here. Soon he will grow tired of being treated like a prisoner and break away to become free once again.. the more you try to control someone's life the more they want to escape from you. And that's a fact. Who the hell wants to be under someone's thumb?

    • That's what will happen. He would be way better off just being single and getting his career together instead of getting with these girls who don't ever seem to have jobs and just hold him back all the time.

    • Yes I've heard that saying, usually it's from old farts that have been married for 30 years and do whatever their wife tells them too. lol

    • Hahaha lol
      I'm not an old fart tho

      As for the wife thing. Give it time and it'll unravel... he will come round and I'm sure he will give you an explanation. I'm pretty sure it has all to do with what I have stated

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  • That's his wife and he's trying to keep her happy. That's what people do when they get married. You are not his priority.


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  • Maybe she is worried he will cheat on her with another woman and is trying to protect herself from that? I agree its annoying but for some reason most guys tend to choose these types of woman over the ones who treat them well. don't understand that but that's what seems to happen.

  • well she probably doesn't want you talking to him so yeah probably Ms. Controllo

    • Why? I've known the guy for like 18 years.

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