What do you think about rats, snakes & tarantulas?

I posted a question yesterday about how people felt about cats & dogs; I'm trying to compare views of cats & dogs to those of rats, snakes & tarantulas. I own rats & captive-bred tarantulas because so many more people hate them than other common pets (I *want* to adopt a snake for the same reason, but I'd be paranoid of misusing the heating equipment and starting a fire), though I wasn't 100% sure if cats fell under that same category, given the fairly common uttered sentence "I hate cats"; I just asked about dogs too.

  • I hate rats.
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  • I hate snakes.
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  • I hate tarantulas.
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  • I hate all of them.
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  • I'm interested in or don't mind them.
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  • I hate rats & snakes.
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  • I hate rats & tarantulas (there can only be 7 options, so comment if you hate snakes & tarantulas).
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  • As I'm native to a third world country, where there is an abundance of rats, snakes and spiders. I'm somewhat used to them, or they don't scare me or bother me.

    In fact I've always wanted an orange kneed tarantula ar a pet.

    However when it comes to venomous snakes and spiders like cobras, I'm not scared of the animal but what harm they can cause.


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  • I hate snakes and tarantulas


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  • It would just be the rats that would creep out - I don't mind snakes or tarantulas.

  • Never owned a rat but they have interested me ^_^
    as for spiders and snakes, have had many of them in my time and adore em!

  • Rats are really friendly animals and ball pythons are pretty much harmless.

    Tarantulas can fuck themselves, though.

  • Murderize them all

  • Rats and snakes are adorable. Fuck spiders kill them all.

  • Snakes are cute. Rats make me sick. And tarantulas scare the fuck out of me...

  • We have all of those where I live.
    I like the tarantulas. Way cool looking. Some are as big as your fist. If I think ones in a bad place I'll relocate it back into the desert.
    Snakes don't bother me. I'm leery of the rattlesnakes. One time I guided one from my friends backyard back into the desert. It didn't want to have anything to do with me.
    We have Pak Rats. I'm not fond of them. They get into things & make a mess. Just like their name they collect everything & anything.
    They were getting into the pool heater. I tried live traps & relocated them back into the desert. I got tired of that now I keep a LED light on a dusk to dawn timer in there because they won't go anywhere near light.