Guys if u gt married would u b happy to take/hyphenate ur wifes name? Girls if u gt married would u b happy for ur husband to take/hyphenate ur name?

Guys, if you got married would you be happy to take/hyphenate your wifes surname with your own? (Assuming both of you still ended up with the same surname and your wife wanted you to take it)

Girls, if you got married would you be happy for your husband to take/hyphenate your surname with theirs? (Assuming both of you still ended up with the same surname and your husband wanted to take it)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't care much for surnames to be honest. As Shakespeare already said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." (in other words "who the fuck cares whether you're called Capulet or Montague")
    As for hyphenating, I can't do that because in my country they got rid of it last year. The government says it's way too complicated, so it's been outlawed. So in Switzerland, we now have three options for when we get married: Option A: Both people take the husband's name. Option B: Both people take the wife's name. Option C: Both people keep their own name despite being married (in the case of option C, the future children may choose which one they want to have for themselves once they are old enough to decide that (age 12 or 14, something like that)).
    I think personally, I'd be fine with any of those options. My girlfriend actually has a cooler last name than I do. So I'm thinking about taking hers. What I particularly like about her name is the huge coincidence that she is Korean and has a Korean last name but her name just so happens to exist in Switzerland as well, with the exact same spelling, just a different pronunciation. This means that I could have an exotic last name while, at the same time, still appearing completely Swiss if the need be (for job interviews or the like).


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not changing my name and i'm not hyphenating. I would be open to making a new last name with my husband but that's it lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • not willing I already have a hyphenated name its fucking stupid. sorry nothing against anyone

    • What if you just took her name without hyphenating it?

    • sure I couldn't care less. but my parents kinda forced me to keep the name I got, I think I am gonna change it to something cool

  • I'd never take or hyphen my name. A guy that does that is a pussy


What Girls Said 4

  • Sure, I'd be willing to do it if he really wanted to. But his surname is already double-barreled so we'd end up with like three surnames which would be ridiculous :P

  • I'd prefer if we both just kept our own names. My boyfriend and I both have quite long last names, so hyphenating isn't a good option for us. Even if just one of our was as long as it is and the other's was short, it'd be too much haha

    Besides, I like my last name and my name is part of who I am. I shouldn't have to change my identity when I marry and neither should he.

  • I don't care. I'm not changing my name, especially not in professional circles.

  • Nah, I'd rather just keep it simple and take his name.