Why do we give people who are offended so much power?

Whenever someone makes an off color joke or says something that some people find offensive, why then do those people feel that they are in the right for getting offended by something. it doesn't make them special becuase they can't deal with reality or someone saying something that they dont like. this to me just ends up silencing free speach and creating an echo chamber for only the most pc of ideas which should just not happen.


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  • I don't do that.


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  • Because it the offensive people who are actually in power. We've been offending one another since the beginning. So who cares if there are people trying to promote PC attitude, they're just words. Our actions still have not changed.


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  • If they are offended, I don't care, they only have power if you give it to them.

    • i agree but that doesn't seem to be the position that most people have.

    • that's because school taught them to be dumb sheep.

    • personally i blame the adults that told the children that they can do nothing wrong and everyone got a trophy. :/