Is it safe to drink smirnoff ice that has been sitting in my hot car?

I bought a six pack of smirnoff ice and its been in my trunk for a few days and it's hot as hell here. Its still safe to drink right? I do plan on chilling it prior to drinking, but no harm done? They haven't been opened.

I'm just double checking. if I recall correctly I've drank unrefrigerated malt beverages before. But it would be a real bummer if me and my friends got sick of a couple drinks lol


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  • Seeing as it's high volume alcohol bacteria most likely hasn't built up in it. It's fine to drink. May not taste the best unless you cool it back down for a day or two but it should be fine.


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  • How do you think they are shipped? Most of those trucks aren't refrigerated. In other words it is fine.

    • Okay. Its been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit here so I was a little worried

  • You won't get sick, but you're certainly not doing your taste buds any favors! :)


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