I just want to get out of high school (bad senioritis)?

i'm just sitting here crying. senior year for me is about to start and I had really bad depression for awhile, last year was the worst year of my life and I attempted suicide at the beginning of the break (I took therapy and got out of it best I can.)
All of my friends were seniors and they are graduating, but the people at school and in the program I am in.. I just dislike them all so much, they are backstabby, and the more mature I get, the more immature they seem to me. i have 2 bullies in my grade who pick on me and even though the situation is under control, I just want out of it now.
I don't want to wish my senior year away but I just can't help it. I want to move on and get out of this place that I'm in and just start a new life. I've been so eager to turn in my applications...

I just don't know what to do to try to have a mindset good enough to make by without being miserable. Any advice?


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  • I bet your white huh.. so this what makes y'all do crazy shit and go on killing sprees. My advice don't do it! As for your bullies beat they bitch asses. It's you last year of high school dude my senior year was bad ass when I was there (I skipped alot)


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  • I'm gonna be a senior too. I fucked up HS really bad as an underclassman because I was having sex and messing around with a guy I wasn't dating. Needless to say, I have bullies and pretty much no friends. Go into school this year with your head high and act like you own the damn place.
    As for coping with it. Well, I have an eating disorder and I used it to lose a lot of weight this summer and shock every bitch in the school. I have depression as well and meds and exercise will do wonders to make you feel better. Just DON'T cut yourself. I did that shit for 5 years and I've been recovered for 2 now. It's a bad idea.
    I'm sorry you're feeling so bad but you're not alone! *hugs* :)


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  • Try to go to a different school or for a program that'll help you get to college. I had the same problem and I dropped out of school and went for an early college course and it really was a great decision.

    • You go to private college? But in my country, to go to college/private college you need at least 18 years old.

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  • Same thing happened with me and I am ready to just turn in those applications and get my acceptance letter, so I can leave. I've had my bullies and they still tease me, but I don't think it's senioritis. I think it's just being really over high school.

  • You just have to tough it out a bit. You'll be alright.