It's my senior year, any advise?

I'm about to start my senior year in high school, and I really really need advise on it, everything... dating, prom, what to do during the school year, pranks, fun stuff. Any stories about your senior year would be greatly appreciated too :)


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  • get laid a lot.


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  • It really depends on your high school and what type of student you are.
    If you're a popular person in your high school; the senior year is going to be so fun (from my experience) but if you're not try to be friends with popular kids so that you would have a little fun in your last year and be a little relaxed from the senior year stress.
    In additions senior year marks counts a lot for university, so try to do your best and join as many clubs as you can because it improve your resume and application for university.
    I can't give you a dating tip or how to find a date for prom because I am in 4 year relationship and I didn't have to look for it, but most of the people are pretty cool in senior year and I'm sure that you will find someone for prom or as your date.


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  • Don't get wrapped up in any drama and don't be in a rush for it to be concluded.


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  • focus on college applications if you see that in your future,
    there will always be a senior prank :) participate in it
    go to football games, just make the most of your year :)