Can't get this tv to turn on, keeps saying "weak or no signal"?

How do I make it work? Already googled it but there's no antenna button or source button... yes its plugged in


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  • By pluggin in are you referring only to the power cable? You need the signal to come from somewhere as well. Usually a coaxial cable for good ol' analogue signal.

    • Aaahhh!! I don't understand, too advanced for me lol can you tell me what needs to be plugged in for a tv to work with cable channels?

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  • Do you have cable? Is the cable securely attached? Check that first. Then is it a newer TV?

    • Yep, there's cable. Its at a gym. Whats the cable security?

    • Most times it screws tight to the TV. Or the place may not have paid their bill. You may also want to check to see if the sat/cable button is pushed and then try power. It is more than likely the cable signal not getting to the TV. Not a problem with the TV


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  • I'd have to know more about the inputs and what's connected to it.


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